Darius Klein


Character Sheet as of 5/09/2009


Darius Klein is a Genasi originally from Eksynyt Joutua. He stands at average height and looks like a human monk of sorts. Deep tattoos cover his body, evidence, to those who know, of his true Genasi nature. Unique to his kind, Darius has a keen under standing of not just his natural element, but of several other elements as well. His primary element is lightning, which often make him somewhat chaotic and unpredictable, but he always maintains a clear understanding of his mission, ‘To protect the lands of Eksynyt Joutua.

Darius, like all Ihmiset -lta laatu was born in Eksynyt Joutua. At the age of 10 was overcome by the Enlightenment and manifested the element of lightning. However, unlike most, at the age of 11 during his training, he underwent a second Enlightenment and began manifesting the element of water, as well as the other elements to lesser degrees. Seeing this, he was taken in by the Lorekeepers, one of two sects of the Order of the Crystal Eye, and trained in their ways.

However upon learning of the strife to the north, he switched sects and joined the Namers, the second sect of the Order, and settled in the north. Through this he hopped to serve his people and protect his land. He eventually took up position in the heart of the Corelias capital, Suuri Sotama. It was here were he learned the skills of stealth and truly understood the gathering of knowledge.

During a political power play, he was asked to kidnap the daughter of a Corelias Patrician. As part of those orders he is to see she comes to no harm during her captivity. To see him well away from the capital, he was given the mission of investigating a group calling themselves the ‘Brotherhood’ and to aid in this mission, he joined an expedition formed by the Holy Order of the Seven.

Darius Klein

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